This Cat-Dog Friendship Comic With An Unexpected Ending Depicts The Other Side Of Cats

The coexistence of cats and dogs is quite questionable.

The epic struggle for control of planet earth keeps them from bonding. The love/hate relationship revolves around an emotionally unavailable cat and a downcast dog. Cats are known for their arrogant and unfriendly ways. However, this comic by Lynol, comes with a very unexpected ending, depicting the other side of cats. The cartoonist shows that cats have feelings too. And the softer side shows up whenever they realize that they’ve gone a bit too far.

It all started on a fine summer morning.

All the dog wanted was somebody to play with.

Was it too much to ask for?

How dare this infidel creature bother the cat while it’s resting?

It was time to get rid of this creature for good.

“I must make it fetch the ball,” said the cat.

“That should make it go away.”

“I must throw it far enough.”

“Far enough for it to go away for good.”

“And so it never bothers me again.”


The cat could finally rest in peace.

But something kept bothering the cat.

Little did it know…

Days passed.

And weeks went by.

The cat then decided to search for the dog.

It asked everyone in the neighborhood about the dog’s whereabouts.

In hopes that someone would know where it went.

Putting its life on the stake.

Taking chances.

Stitching a compromise.

At his own wake, regretting its actions.

In a dungeon of loneliness.

The cat couldn’t believe its eyes!

“Caught in the act.”

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