“Cash Me Ousside” Girl Gets Her Ass Handed To Her On Twitter After She Brags About Her Millions

The infamous bratty “Cash me Ousside” girl aka. Danielle Bregoli, just got her ass handed to her after bragging about the million she is going to make on Twitter


A ridiculously long thread of tweets from various “racial spokespersons” ensued which I am sure made her reconsider her post as she soon deleted the cancerous post from the Internet.

She soon discovered that no one was willing to pick her.



Well damn, where is she going to go? Even the Aliens rejected her.They burned her pretty good, but the funniest thing is, that they were so polite about it.After she had enough of all the mean tweets, She uncharacteristically had microscopic to say gracing us with the simple words in her elegant accent “Fuck ya’ll”.

She might have deleted the post but this is the Internet, and we never let the people forget their past shame.Some of our viewers might not know Danielle Bregoli so a little snippet of her below for the non-viewers of the Dr-Phil Show.

Bregoli rose to fame in September 2016 after appearing on an episode of Dr. Phil, and uttering her famous line – cash me ousside, how bow dah – to the laughing audience members. In case you’re as confused by her supposed ‘street’ language as most of the humanity is, she’s saying that if you disrespect her, she’ll take you outside and deal with the matter in more physical terms. Her attitude clearly hasn’t convinced everyone on the Internet.

The Bhad Bhabie apparently couldn’t take the heat though and has since deleted the cancerous post. Hopefully, this whole scenario will teach young Danielle to think before she tweets next time, and put her on the right track to growing up but I am very doubtful about that.If you want to have a laugh, You can take a quick look at her Twitter but I warn you might lose some IQ points in the process.

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