How To Get Rid Of Your Shoulder Pain From Carrying Baby Car Seats

If you’ve ever had to lug around a baby car seat, you know how heavy those things can be.

It’s less the actual weight and more the sheer amount of time you have to carry it. Imagine going to get groceries, taking the baby with you, and lugging around 20 pounds of baby and plastic for half an hour.

That’s just asking for back pain.

Turns out, there’s a way to avoid the nights with sore necks and giant bottles of Tylenol. Dr. Emily Puente, a part of the Bridge Family Chiropractic made a video outlining this little life hack.

To begin with, her adorable little child volunteers as an assistant.

We tend to carry the seat like a picnic basket. Or maybe by slinging it over our shoulders. Sometimes we get inventive and use both hands and lug it between our legs, but it’s never comfortable. The correct way is actually fairly simple.

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Loop your arm through the handle and press your palm against the side

She said:

“It’s not going to hurt your shoulder, it’s not going to hurt your hip, and you’re not going to have to use your knee to swing like I had to do with my two [kids]. Someone taught me this before, and it’s been the greatest thing.”

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From this angle and position, you’re using your body in a vastly different way than before.

She demonstrates the simple and incredibly effective method and elaborates:

As soon as we switch to this, it’s a completely different change in how I’m using my body, to be able to use and distribute this weight from this carrier to be able to carry it around.”

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It’s far better than the original method

However, it’s not suited to everyone. In the video, people have commented that they fare off actually worse than before, but an overwhelming vast majority said it saved their backs. Dr. Puente updated the description to ask people to first ask their doctors and other medical professionals for a look-over.

Nevertheless, if her expressions are any indication, she certainly doesn’t enjoy carrying her child around like this.

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You can watch the original video here:

(For Licensing and usage, contact: licensing@viralhog.com)Thank you so much for watching and sharing our car seat video! You can visit our new blog to learn a new diaper changing technique. We will add health tips and information on a regular basis. Have a wonderful day! 😊http://www.bridgefamilychiro.com/blogDo you have a baby in a car seat? Would you like to know a way to carry them without hurting your back, shoulder or hips?Watch the video to see how! Let us know if you have any questions!*Update*It has been brought to my attention that one viewer experienced discomfort when attempting this maneuver. I am sorry to hear that and so I wanted to share that due to so many different makes and models of car seats, it is likely that this method won't work for all seats.This was merely an attempt to pass along a creative idea that was shared and works incredibly well for the majority of those who attempt it. I suggest being cleared by your medical professional prior to trying any new regimen if you would like to ensure you are fit to perform actions like the one shown here. We also wanted to share that while car seats are the ideal choice for safety while riding in a car, the top choice for a baby outside of a car would be to hold them or baby-wear instead. There are several resources online if you need suggestions or demonstrations on the proper way to baby-wear. Thank you so much for all of your support! I'm so glad to be able to share this message and provide benefit to so many of you!

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