May The Force Be With You While You Play This Hilarious Cards Against Star Wars Game

Get ‘Cards Against The Force‘ For Just $5 This Star Wars Day!

Honestly, what a time to be alive! Just like ‘Cards Against Humanity,’ now there are also ‘Cards Against The Force.’ Do you know what that means? It means that you can relive old memories by playing a game based on your all-time-favorite science fantasy movie!

If you’re wondering how to play it just know that it works on the same principles as ‘Cards Against Humanity; so you can surely expect hilarious outcomes when you combine the cards together. Also, this is strictly a game for 18+ players only as it contains some real dirty references like “calling Darth Vader ‘Daddy’ while he force chokes you,” “R2-D2’s vibrate function,” “Chewbacca’s surprisingly tidy pubes” and much more.

The credit for this awesome game goes to the same creators who came up with “Cards Against Disney” and “Cards Against Springfield.” With a total of 924 cards (324 black cards, 600 white cards, and both the black and white backs) this game is must for every Star Wars fan. It doesn’t matter if you’re the last of generation X or if you belong to generation Z, this game welcomes anyone who believes in the Force!

So, call your friends right now and get these cards because they’re on sale right now for a limited time only!

(Beware of the Dark Side! It might compel you to do otherwise).

Anyway, to get an idea, check out the sample cards below:

Combine any of the white cards with the black one and see the results yourself.

That’s only a few white cards, imagine the possibilities when you have all 600 of them.

Here are the templates or the category cards.

And these are the best ones—white cards.

As of now, these cards are available in digital format only. Now, I know it might sound weird to you, but if you look on the bright side you can just print them out and start playing right away! Plus you don’t have to pay for any shipping and neither are there any hidden charges.

You can purchase them right now as they are available for $5 only until Star Wars day, May the 4th (be with you). So hurry up and get your digital download right now.

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