“Cards Against Muggles ” Is Now A Thing And Potterheads Can’t Hold Their Excitement

If you’ve ever played Cards Against Humanity, you know how filthy that game can get

And now, Potterheads, rejoice, because there’s a Cards Against Humanity version exclusively for muggles. For about $20, you can get yourself 1200 cards. It only exists as a digital copy but you can get it printed yourself. You can get them at muggles.cards.

Forbidden Forest Crafts/Warner Bros.

And it’s pretty filthy.

Forbidden Forest Crafts/Warner Bros.

The Potterheads are having trouble holding in their excitement

People on instagram and twitter have already started the fun



I, for one, am really looking forward to it.

Forbidden Forest Crafts/Warner Bros.

Can you imagine the fun you’d have with these?

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WHICH IS IT??? #cardsagainstmuggles #cardsagainsthumanity #cah

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Accio bad humour and filthy jokes!

Forbidden Forest Crafts/Warner Bros.

In case you are one of the ones who are upset you didn’t know about this sooner, you’re welcome


What better way to celebrate two new Harry Potter books than to get a party game about it?

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They’re just awful, and hilarious.

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#harrypotter #harrypotter20 #cardsagainstmuggles

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Would you buy them? I would. And I’m not even a huge Potterhead, so those diehard fans are probably squealing with delight.

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