Bank Denied Girl’s Card Request With Terry Crews On It, She Tweeted It To Him & His Response Is Winning The Internet

Do any of you have a spending problem?

I know I do. Even when I’m broke, I decide to spend money on useless crap all the time. If you suffer the same way I do, fear no more. There is a solution for your overspending problem!

Twitter user Darrel Kennedy thought there would be only one solution to her problems; Terry Crews. Imagine looking at the disapproving face of Terry Crews as you take out your card to spend money on stupid things. Genius!

Source: Twitter

This is Darrel.

And this is the card she ordered:

However, Wells Fargo couldn’t allow her to use the photo without permission from the star.

That’s when Terry Crews jumped in to save the day.

Kennedy got the idea from Crews himself who used this technique to save money.

Everyone anxiously waited for Wells Fargo to respond.

Even Terry Crews.

And we got the update!


The Internet couldn’t believe what just happened.

Everyone wants the card now.

He deserves the appreciation.

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