This Guy Couldn’t Stop Smiling After Captain America Did This

We All Love Captain America.

Okay, So that might not be completely true. What about Disney land in general? Even if you don’t, you will still happy cry after seeing the following short video. Disney has been trying to make the Disneyland experience more accessible for people who use ASL.

However, this can turn out to be a very long process since it is not easy to learn a new language. They must have done something right though, as a video went viral where Captain America was communicating with a guest via ASL.

Captain America Using ASL To Communicate With A Guest Will Surely Make Your Heart Melt.

The video was actually posted by a Disney employee Jade Wilson on June 29, 2016. The video shows the guest saying to Captain America that he’s from Boston, and Cap answering that he’s working on his American Sign Language skills, but he is a bit of a slow learner.

Disney Has Been Working Hard Since 2010 To Make Their Parks Deliver A Magical Experience For Everyone.


Disney also posted a video in 2016 where an adorable girl named Shaylee, met Tinker-bell. To make it all the more magical, tinker-bell introduced herself in sign language.

Tinker-Bell Introduces Herself In Sign Language.

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The response to Captain America doing ASL shows that committing to accessibility pays off, not just in serving customers with disabilities — though that’s most important — but also in making people just generally feel welcome. My son, who has Down syndrome, doesn’t need sign language. But knowing that Captain America is out there makes me feel more confident that Disneyland will meet his needs too.

David Perry

Most companies used to think that accommodating the needs of customers with disabilities is an unnecessary expense. I believe that they might change their minds after seeing this though.

Hats Off To Captain America.

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What did you think of Cap using ASL? Did it make your heart melt?

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