10+ Times Canada Hilariously Roasted The Shit Out Of Americans That Made Them Run For Cold Water

Canada has made its reputation as a nice and sweet country.

A country which likes to be friends with not only its neighbours, but the whole world. They have a peaceful environment, good health care, and a growing economy that they are quite proud of.

While the Canadians usually come in peace, they can be outright savage when it comes to the art of sassy comments and protecting their honor. We would like to share a list of brutal, yet hilarious, examples where the Canadians roasted the shit out of America, compiled by Bored Panda. The Canadians have done it so well that you won’t even get mad. Let’s take a look.

#1 We don’t stir up shit like you!


#2 We are actually breaking up with the US.


#3 The difference explained.


#4 Freefall joyrides, because we have free healthcare.


#5 One of US!!


#6 Everyone is moving to Canada.


#7 Making the old man proud.


#8 The US better catch up


#9 Lots and lots of things to catch up on.


#10 That Sass level!

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