Woman Asked Twitter To Make Campaign Slogan From Their Last Text And It’s Hilarious

Mid-term elections are coming.

Brace yourselves, the mid-term elections are coming and there are going to be slogans everywhere. Are you creative enough to make some?

Well, even if you’re not, we’ve got you covered. Twitter user @Eden_Eats asked the Twitterverse to create their own slogans. How? By using their last name and the last text they sent. Now we all know how that’s about to go down. People replied with hilarious responses and we’re here to share the best ones with you.

Scroll down below and enjoy a good laugh.

This was the screenwriter’s original tweet.

1. Excellent cervix.

2. Dewalt impact driver.

3. Shit in your lunch.

4. It could be worse.

5. Come earlier.

6. How is she doing?

7. Breakfast thing.

8. Ballet dancer.

9. BBQ Sauce.

10. Threatening a billionaire.

11. Catch these hands.

12. Missing each other

13. Happy hour.

What do you think of these slogans? Let us know.

Via: Haha

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