They Put A Camera On This Doggo Which Takes Photo Whenever He’s Excited & Here Are Results

Ever thought about putting up a camera on your Doggo?

Sounds interesting doesn’t it? A camera that is basically triggered by the increased heart rate. So basically, whenever the doggy feels happy/excited/scared/angry, the camera takes a picture from the dog’s view. How awesome is that? A great way to know what makes you doggo feel happy or scared.

Now, this idea may be new to some people, so we are going to show you what these pictures from a dog’s view look like.

Scroll down and check out what kind of images were captured after a camera was placed on a cute little doggo!

Source: Imgur

This is what it looks like!

Doggo is excited to see another doggo! How cute is this?

Just an innocent little cat sitting by the window.

This is self-explanatory I guess.

And here we have a couple of angry birds. (I bet if I had a camera on me, it would take this picture too.)

Well, I think we all know why the doggy’s heart is beating fast here.

This one is heartwarming. No wonder why the good ol’ doggo is all pumped up.

And finally, we have a Doggo battle! This is probably the best/cute face off ever captured on a camera.

What do you guys think about all this? Would you like to try this with your dog and see what pictures are taken by the camera? Share your views with us by commenting in the box below!

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