A Guy Told This Girl That She Could Buy Anything With His Credit Card & She Went Too Far

This is Leagan. Not only is she super pretty and good with her phone’s b&w filter, but she is also very smart.


How is she smart? Well, let me tell you a little story.

Leagan was approached by a man who asked her out on a date. After she clearly said “no”, the guy offered her his credit card. He said she could buy anything from it, even though she said no to going out with him.

Anything her heart desires.


And what does she buy with all that money? A bouncy castle, of course!



That is why she is smart. Anyone boring would’ve just ordered clothes or something. But Leagan knew the creative and fun thing to do!

This was the guy’s response:


“Did you just buy a f*ucking bouncy house?”


She invited everyone to a bouncy castle party, and her Tweet went viral.


She became everyone’s hero.


Leagan > Malala Yousafzai

See you guys at the party!


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