Bulldog Tries To Protect The Family In A Horror Movie And It Is Adorable

A Horror Movie Loving Bulldog.

Many people love horror movies. Even me, even though i typically hide under the blanket while watching one. What we might not have expected was that animal also liked movies. Specifically a bulldog who loves horror movies.

Meet Khaleesi, she loves horror movies but has no real sense that the movie is only pixels on the screen. You might not be a big fan of people screaming or even talking when your engrossed in a movie. However, if a dog is involved everything is forgiven automatically.


She Is Just Trying To Warn The Family.

The movies is actually The Conjuring and you will forgive her rude interrupting once you get to know her adorable intentions. She is actually just trying to warn the family of the evil ghost.

However, we all know how horror movie characters are generally stupid and they don’t heed her warning either. On top of it, when you are a dog and don’t understand what’s going on. You might be asking yourself as to why the characters are not using common sense.

The Video Has Gone Viral With Over A Million Views.

Everyone was amazed and you can see that through the following posts of Imgur users.

“Conclusive proof that horror movie protagonists really are less intelligent than dogs. Come on writers.”

“If you watch the YouTube link, he barks in all the right places. Wow. He doesn’t bark at the family just the thing that’s bad.”

“Dogs only have three modes: ‘What do?’ ‘Where go?’ And ‘I help?'”

Dogs also don’t apparently like older TV models and easily distinguish pictures in HDTV. The reason behind that is that HDTV’s “refresh at a much faster rate”.


There are even special TV channels that specially cater to you your best friends. “The sound, colors and camera angles are adjusted to make them more appealing to canines.” According to Columbus Dispatch.

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