Brutus And Pixie Made Snowmen And It Is The Best Thing About This Winter

Brutus & Pixie make Snowmen!

You guessed it right! We are back with some more of Brutus and Pixie comics to brighten up your day! This time around it’s about the joys of winters and the fun of making snowmen. Because let’s be honest what better way to fully enjoy the winter season than to make snowmen with your best pals?

So, Pixie decides to make two snowmen one of which she thinks looks exactly like Brutus. And since that little cat is a talented one I can bet her creation is good too. However, I’m not sure how Brutus is going to feel about this…

So, let’s cut to the chase and see what those two are up to. Check it out!


Behold! Pixie’s masterpiece.

That looks fantastic!

Or, maybe it only looks good from Pixie’s perception.

Yeah…that’s a perfect looking lion.

Wait, what?!

Well, at least we know who the real boss is out of those two.

Oh dear lord!

Sometimes, I feel bad for Brutus. But, I think that’s just how their duo works. What would you say about all this? Leave a comment in the box below and share your thoughts with us! And if you are new here also check out the precious comic strips!

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