New Brutus And Pixie Comic Is Here And Pixie Arrested A Thief This Time

Pixie and Brutus are back again with a new comic!

As you all probably know, this comic series is gaining popularity bit by bit, and it has already gotten a fan-following of almost one million(859k as of now to be exact) on Instagram.

As the name suggests, the protagonists of the comic are Pixie, the innocent cat, and Brutus, the scary German Shepherd. The comic revolves around the unlikely friendship of the two characters and how Brutus has a soft side for Pixie even though he’s a tough war dog with a scar on his face.

If you are new to the series, then you should check out the previous comics as well. Today, we bring you another cute short story where the little Pixie arrests a big bad thief. (With a little help from Brutus of course.)

Scroll on below and take a look!

Ben Hed| Instagram

Spotting the Target.

Sneaking up from behind.

Catching by surprise.

“You have the right to remain silent!”

*Behind the scenes.*

Comply, Mr Criminal!

It’s about time.

The expressions say it all!

So, what do you think then? Did you find this comic just as adorable as we did? Leave a comment in the box below and share your views with us!

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