Brutally Honest Comics Speak To You On A Spiritual Level If You Work In Retail And Are Fed Up Already

The expectations for retailers are always high. And the expectations usually come from those working in a corporate office. It’s frustrating when retailers are expected to give you the discount you want. But guess what? Retailers don’t make the decisions you’re upset about. And they’re only just working on an hourly wage.

Here are some brutally honest comics that will speak to you on a spiritual level if you work in a retail store and are fed up already:

1. When you can’t do anything but greet the customers with a smile.

2. When the employee tells you it’s not in the stock, trust them, it’s not in the stock.

3. Saturday night. Right.

4. It might feel good to be rude to the employee, but it won’t change anything.

5. It’s essentially impossible to not make holiday plans because guess what? The existence of an employee does not revolve around just pushing sales.

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