10+ Brutal Responses For Your Ex That Are Hilariously Beautiful

  • By Asad Tipu
  • November 8, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

Ever had an ex hit you up when you clearly didn’t want to be with them any more?

Maybe she was hoping for a lay. Maybe he was hoping you’d get back together after he cheated. Quite possibly both, but the bottom line is that you were sick and tired of their crap and didn’t want to see them ever again. However, since they’re trying to hit you up again, they obviously need a stronger retort.

If you need ideas on how to respond, we’ve got you covered.

#1 The technical response.

http://@heidi.glitterbomb / Via instagram.com

#2 Cocksnot.

to_much_dank_6.9 / Via instagram.com

#3 So that’s up.

heidi.glitterbomb / Via instagram.com

#4 Mistakes.

http://@fabio.instag / Via instagram.com

#5 Like the sun.

http://@heidi.glitterbomb / Via instagram.com

#6 Absolutely demolished.

glitterbomb / Via instagram.com

#7 Moms.

noahjrs / Via instagram.com

#8 New fone, who dis?

jharrell1010 / Via instagram.com

#9 Command not working.

heidi.glitterbomb / Via instagram.com

#10 Sausage fest.

heidi glitterbomb / Via instagram.com

#11 Spice girls reunion, anyone?

freetobeme0000 / Via instagram.com

#12 Obviously.

reggaebattles / Via instagram.com

#13 Nope, dead.

katedates / Via instagram.com

#14 More twists than a Shyamalan.

textsfromyesterbae / Via instagram.com

#15 Bird ring.


#16 Priorities.

lexunfiltered / Via instagram.com

#17 This guy should get some ice for that burn.

tiffany.orvis / Via instagram.com
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