10+ Brutal AF Rebels Who Need To Calm The Hell Down

You ever meet someone so rebellious they can cut you with all that edge? You need to get them a glass of water and ask them to relax?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I have definitely met people like that. But on the Internet, there are people who butter two sides of bread and call it “edgy.” Well, these people need to be controlled before someone calls the cops on them.

So, here are some of those brutal AF rebels who need to calm the hell down:

Source: Via r/madlads.

#1 It’d be even edgier if the music were illegally downloaded.

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#2 Someone control this dad!

via @moi_cheree 

#3 Best prank ever!

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#4 “Lol I’m so random XD”

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#5 He went there, guys!

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#6 Did Google break after that?

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#7 Anarchist!

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#8 Woah, revenge!

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#9 He is one of those co-workers.

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#10 Definitely calling this guy over when my room is dirty.

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