Brits Are In Absolute Chaos Because Of A Little Snow And The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

Snowfall is certainly an exceptional event.

That is the only plausible reason I can give for all the chaos in Britain because of the snow. I mean I get it if you have 3 to 4 feet of snow, everything would be exceptionally hard to do, and I wouldn’t blame Brits for that.

However, As it turns out, there is only a light dusting of snow in most areas. But that hasn’t stopped the Brits from panicking and literally stockpiling every type of food.

So, it is not at all surprising that so many people from countries that are actually freezing have started to make fun of the Brits. (Which is nothing by the way.) 

I understand that most people are just getting on with their lives and the media always likes to sensationalize things, but you have to admit the following tweets are quite hilarious. So If you want to add a joke or two at their expense, go ahead!

#1 Yes, Canada’s picture is loaded.

Via MeanwhileinCana

#2 He is just preparing the bath.

Via jevakallio

#3 What about putting the kilt on?

Via codename_B

#4 Now, That is what you call snow.

Via muftimads

#5 I know I shouldn’t laugh, but that’s funny.

Via AbiLaker

#6 Artists are just taking some liberties that’s all.

Via tonysheps

#7 Won’t that much milk just expire?

Via Matt Bromwich

#8 He doesn’t regret anything.

Via DeRozenDntCare

#9 You know nothing.

Via EnzoNRossi

#10 Who the heck is Marjorie!?

Via akaPyro

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