10+ Times British People Confused The Hell Out Of Everyone On Internet

  • By Asad Tipu
  • December 18, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

The Brits can be pretty weird sometimes.

With shows like Naked Attraction and Embarrassing Bodies, is it really all that surprising? It’s about time someone noticed. After all, they have some very strange quirks. Egg holders, ending sentences with X and a whole lot of drama.

Ever see one of their show hosts? It’s maddening. Besides, I distinctly remember how the Brits wouldn’t pronounce the letter “T”. Water would be Wa’er. Time would be ‘Ime. It was nuts.

#1 Discovering New Shows

#2 Good job?

#3 Supernatural has tweeted


#4 Egg Cups


#5 Yumm?

Flickr: lws / Creative Commons / Twitter: @gracefulnatalie

#6 Brits, wtf.

#7 Beans on a Toast


#8 Red Sauce

#9 Brown Sauce

#10 Why do they? x


#11 Greggs

Flickr: pauliewoll / Creative Commons / Twitter / BuzzFeed

#12 Accents

#12 Pudding

#13 Oreo or hockey puck?

Twitter: @bennettjoerger

#14 Spotted Dick

Flickr: jemstone / Creative Commons / Twitter: @quoththervaen / BuzzFeed

#15 Remember Remember


#16 Why do they?

Flickr: kenningtonfox / Creative Commons / Twitter: @gwshockey / BuzzFeed

#17 Lord Buckethead

Twitter: @gdnpolitics
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