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'Britannia' Is The Perfect New Show For You That'll Fill The Gaping Hole That GOT Left

‘Britannia’ Is The Perfect New Show For You That’ll Fill The Gaping Hole That GOT Left

I Am Sure Everyone Is Ecstatic About How Season 8 Will Come In 2019.

Can you tell how happy I am? Okay, I should stop. I don’t blame the creators as they haven’t yet even written the season 8.  Let’s be honest GOT fans would rather wait two years than get a horrible ending to our favourite show.

So what are we going to do until the season 8 airs. Well, don’t worry we have you covered. You see a new show is going to air in 2018 that looks awesome. It is action packed and might just fill the gaping hole that GOT left.

The Trailer Looks Great.

The Show Is Based On Celtic Mythology And Is Set In 43AD.

Britannia will be a nine part series. It will follow the story of three tribes the Druids, the Celts and the Romans. Yes, they are battling each other for the control of Britannia. Sounds like a great premise to me.

To top it all of, It was written, Jez Butterworth. Yes, the same person who wrote James Bond flicks ‘Spectre’. So it is safe to have high hopes for this new show.

Via Sky Atlantic

Britannia Also Has A Solid Cast.

British actor Mackenzie Crook will be playing the Druid chieftain Veran. He also looks quite terrifying as he has been fitted with quite a lot prosthetics. To top it all off, he also has some black contacts.

Via Sky Atlantic

The show also has David Morrissey who appeared in The Walking Dead. Kelly Reilly from True Detective. Zoë Wanamaker from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

This is the first TV show that has paid attention to Celtic mythology. So if you are a fan of Game Of Thrones, Vikings, or The Last Kingdom, You are going to love this. Sky has not yet confirmed the airing date, but it will hit the screens in hopefully next year.

Via Sky Atlantic

Who else is waiting for this show to come out? Or is there some other show that is going to fill the gaping hole that GOT left?

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