13+ Brilliant Tweets About Last Night’s Health Care Vote That Should Be In The History Books

The Senate just voted on a repeal for Obamacare last night

And it was mostly expected to be a tie vote with the Vice President with the skinny repeal going through. However, that’s not what happened. In the morning of July 28th, John McCain, who had voted yes on going through with a senate hearing for a full repeal, voted no on the actual repeal.

And he was the deciding 51st vote. The result? Everyone went bonkers.

#1 They’re comparing him to Jesus


#2 It was McCain’s final decisive vote that caused the end of Trumpcare, for now

#3 But there are people saying that the amount of credit he’s getting is unjust

#4 As Republican senators Murkowski and Collins were “No” for every single meeting.

#5 And for that, they deserve credit, but it wasn’t their vote that tilted the balance in their favour.


#6 McCain has remained inconsistent with his votes, but that might be because of his ailment


#7 He is 80 years old, and was recently diagnosed with brain cancer

#8 Both Republicans and Liberals have flip-flipped their opinions

#9 Both Collins and Murkowski aren’t exactly favourites right now


#10 And it wasn’t just the three republicans that shut down Obamacare, it was activists too.

#11 The ACLU released some stunning statistics

#12 Collins, Murkowski and McCain didn’t change the outcome

#13 The people and the protesters did.

Organisations such as ADAPT and others fought for it, and saved the people

Three of our tough women leaders of Atlantis ADAPT (Denver, CO) in DC at the Senate healthcare vigil at the US Capitol….

Geplaatst door National ADAPT op Donderdag 27 juli 2017

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