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This Bride Replaced Flowers For Rescue Puppies As Bouquets And It's Too Pure

This Bride Replaced Flowers For Rescue Puppies As Bouquets And It’s Too Pure

We Should Have Expected This.

I mean we have already seen Brides using Donut Bouquets rather than flowers. Puppies would obviously be the next step. If you want a sprinkle of cuteness in your wedding, you should do what this bride did. I mean, who doesn’t like dogs? Especially cute little puppies?

This Bride, however, didn’t use her own dogs who ‘already have a loving home’. She actually reached out to AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport. As they had adopted more than 100 animals, who were abandoned or lost in the hurricane.

She Wanted To Give These Puppies A Home And A Loving Family.

The Rescue Group Was Also More Than Happy To Be Involved In Clark’s Special Day.

Clark Was Also Encouraging Other guests To Adopt At Her Wedding.

Not Surprisingly, Dozens Of Guests Submitted Adoption Applications.

I Could Think Of No Better Way To Spread Love.

These are wedding goals right here. Everyone got to walk down the aisle with the above puppies in their hand. Besides that, so many puppies got a loving home after Clark’s wedding.

What do you think about her ingenious idea? Would you ever do this or do you prefer flowers? Let us know in the comments below.

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