Guy Perfectly Explains What’s Wrong With Brett Kavanaugh With ‘Nut Kicking’ Analogy

The best way to bridge the gap between perspectives is through a meticulously worded analogy!

This week’s confirmation of Brett Kavanagh has affected both men and women equally. And while there are plenty of male survivors of sexual assault, there is still a gap between the perspectives of men and women regarding this scenario.

Christian Blasey’s testimony triggered women survivors across the country. However, even if you are on the same political side, the trigger is somewhat incomprehensible for men who haven’t experienced any form of assault.

Writer A.R Moxan bridged this emotional gap with a clever analogy.

His analogy accurately explains what women experience with assault and violence. Even though his analogy isn’t the most quintessential, it works as a strong parallel to women’s experiences.

This particular analogy goes deep into the structure of rape culture. In the end, it’s all about victim blaming and shame.

Amidst the foul existence of rape and the presence of “false accusations”, this analogy shines the light on how messed up our society is.

Unfortunately, society feeds into the brutality of rape culture. Our society is deeply misguided and emotionally dense.

It’s depressing that we’ve come to a point where we need analogies to understand the intensity of this problem.

But, here we are, drawing analogies to draw a sharper focus on how much wrong there is in our society.

The thread is a perfect explanation of how women feel about Kavanaugh. Would you like to add something to this analogy? Let us know in the comments below.

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