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This Mother Thought Using Breast Milk To Make Brownies For School Bake Sale Was A Good Idea

This Mother Thought Using Breast Milk To Make Brownies For School Bake Sale Was A Good Idea

A mother recently made some brownies for her kids’ bake sale

Which sounds all nice and sweet on its own, except there was one small problem. Instead of using screened, conventional and clean milk you get from the grocery store, she decided to use her breast milk instead. The anonymous mom doesn’t get the outrage, and figured that the kids could “use the nutrition”.

Moreso, she doesn’t understand how tricking children to ingest her bodily fluids without consent or approval from the parents or child is getting so much hate.

It was shared on Facebook page Sanctimommy and went viral.

peter bakes

This is the original post, the name blurred out to protect her identity

And people didn’t like that, not at all.

They had good reason for it as well.

Others called it a criminal offense.

It’s a good marker for why home baked goods aren’t accepted anymore

Others found it hilarious

And this mother justified ingesting bodily fluids which can contain diseases or cause problems to children by saying the only other alternative is something that can cause diseases or cause problems in children.

Irony’s wasted on her

There were a few sassy comments too

But a lot were sarcastic

This woman had a story to go with her interpretation

It’s just Pee Nut butter cookies.

They should be thankful for the peace and quiet!

They’re 16 and 13 years old, and need that tata juice

Sounds like urine a whole bunch of trouble

Ultra Metal spaghetti

The sarcasm is so palpable, I can feel it against the screen

Call me a cynic, but I don’t believe her story. For one, how did anyone find out? Unless she was squirting it all over the brownies right at the sale, no one would have. It’s baked into the food. Further, you don’t need milk to make brownies. They use water!

I call BS on this story.

(Source: Sanctimommy Facebook Page)

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