A Man Asked This Breastfeeding Mom To Cover Up And Her Response Was Pure Savage And Perfect

I don’t know about you, but I’m seriously tired of people hating on breastfeeding moms.

People have sexualised women so much that they’ve forgotten what breasts are really for. IT’S BABY FOOD. Get over yourselves already.

And yes, I know, you’ve already heard of plenty of situations like this. But this particular breastfeeding mom had the perfect response when a man asked her to cover up.

Avery Lane is a mother living on a military post, and she did not hold back when the manager asked her to cover up while she was breastfeeding her 2-month-old baby in the local H&R location.

See her original Facebook post:

The manager asked her to cover herself, and she offered him a blanket to cover his face with in return.

“[The H&R Block manager] asked me to leave since he was helping my friend and not me. So I then called the Military Police so they could come and inform him of them,” she wrote. “I’m glad they came and informed him that he could not tell me to leave.” 

If you’re not okay with eating under a blanket, in the car, or in the restroom, don’t ask her to feed her baby there either.

Avery and Robert/YouTube

However, Lane kept the identity of the manager private. And she also did not want him to lose his job. Some people aren’t educated enough, but now that she educated him about the matter, he probably won’t repeat his mistake. “There’s no need for him to be fired because of that,” Lane answered in a video where she answered a few questions regarding this matter.

Breastfeeding is normal. Mothers shouldn’t be ashamed of it. And they should be able to do it comfortably wherever they want. It’s time to grow up, guys.

Here is the full video of Lane discussing the incident with the manager:


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