10+ Break Up Texts From Exes That Left Third Degree Burns

Breakups hurt like a bitch.

Forgive me for my language, but they seriously do. Especially when you get dumped via text!

Honestly, it’s more comfortable for the one who is breaking up. But the one who is getting dumped is going through another kind of hell. Wishing to talk in person one last time, wanting to know what went wrong suddenly…

Although, if the other person has cheated on you then it’s a whole different story. I mean, cheating on someone and then expecting to be forgiven quickly is a huge mistake, guys. No one ever wants to endure the pain of a break-up, but unfortunately, some people create certain circumstances.

From completely and viciously sincere text messages to total misunderstandings, here are 12 of the most brutal break-ups people had over texts.

1. Woah. That’s a bit harsh, no?

2. That’s actually savage. Would have loved to try that with my ex.

3. Ouch. Didn’t see that one coming.

4. Oh, believe me, they are not feeling bad even a bit.

5. Awww. But look, he’s trying to apologize. Wait, she doesn’t give a fuck.

6. Oooh, a certain somebody is really mad.

7. Well, that could be a valid reason. Maybe.

8. Boy, whoever you are; you are such an idiot. Todd is one lucky guy, though.

9. She said bad things. Not dirty things, bro.

10. Oh, you really find that funny?

11. Your stuff? What stuff?

12. Now that must have left a serious burn mark.

Do you have any “via text” break-up stories to share with us? Comment below to make us laugh. Hope you enjoyed these, though. Let us know.

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