10+ Bra Problems Only People With A Vagina Will Understand

For us ladies, our bras need to be perfect.

In all aspects; The beauty, the size, and most importantly, the comfort. However, it’s such a disappointment that perfection doesn’t really exist but we still strive to get something close.

Here are some comics that depict what kind of issues women have to go through every day when it comes to bra problems. I’m sure most of you ladies will be able to relate these!

1) When your wire tries to kill you.


2) Ah, the comfort of our own home.


3) These clothes just aren’t meant for us.


4) The question I ask myself everyday.


5) Come on, who’s gonna notice the inside? But what if there’s a chance we’re going to get laid?


6) Relatable AF.sarahandersencomics

7) That’s true, indeed. What sorcery is this?


8) I would rather admit to cheating, too.


9) It’s never to our expectations. Never, I repeat.


10) No more problems!


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