Girlfriend Tweets All The Hysterical Stuff Boyfriends Says During His Sleep And It Has Internet In Stitches

Sleep-talking can be really funny.

For others at least. It might be a tad embarrassing for the person in question, but everyone else? Absolute hilarity. In this day and age, that’s what passes as humour.

You see one guy in Wichita, Kansas likes to talk a lot about weird stuff when h’s asleep. So, his girlfriend decided to start tweeting the phrases he says in his sleep and the account has now over 14k followers. It’s easy to see why.

Source: Twitter Sleep_Sayings

#1 Are we sure he doesn’t want to write a sitcom?

#2 Famous last words.

#3 Asshole.

#4 Me too.

#5 Yay synonyms.

#6 What!?

#7 Rolled what over?

#8 I have no idea.

#9 Look who’s talking.

#10 I don’t think I wanna know.

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