Woman Asked Her Boyfriend To Choose New Shower Curtain And Internet Is Applauding His Choice

Not everyone is a decorating master.

As evident by Melania Trump’s recent Christmas decorations. And choosing bathroom decor is even harder. Especially when you’re trying to be festive, so thank God that Christmas comes once a year. And showers are the epicenter of your bathroom, so you should know how important the curtain is!

You should, but the boyfriend of Reddit user BoaGirl did not.

You see he made a truly elegant choice when it comes to shower curtains. Now let me tell you a little story that might not seems relevant but just be patient.

I am sure you all know Jeff Goldblum.

He is a great actor with a truly enchanting voice and it seems like the boyfriend fell under his spell. So when she allowed him to choose the shower curtains. He went for the obvious choice and we are not disappointed.

Jeff Goldblum and a gorilla, because why not!?

Via BoaGirl

Need a close-up? Here you go!

Via BoaGirl

The comments on the thread were just as hilarious.

I don’t know why i thought of this, but if I’m going to get murdered in the shower, i feel like this would deter someone from the sheer hilarity alone.


Some people had quite interesting queries.

How does it feel to have Jeff Goldblum look at you while you poop?


While some could appreciate the guys taste.

Your boyfriend is a man of outstanding taste in homewares.


I mean could you imagine showering in front of him everyday!?


I think I’d rather not.

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