Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At The Way This Little Boy Photo-bombed His Mother’s Proposal

Best Marriage Proposal EVER.

Imagine you’re getting married to the love of your life. Everything is on point and just perfect. Your guy gets down on his knee and just as soon as he makes his next move the whole event takes an exciting twist, and your proposal that was once meant to be romantic and lovely ends up becoming a viral video. Ever seen anything like it? No? Then sit back and allow us to tell you an incredible story.

Meet Kevin Prztula and his girlfriend Alyssa, a couple from Michigan. Not so long ago, Kevin decided to propose to Alyssa and enter into a life-long commitment. So Kevin chose a place near a fountain and brought his 11-year old daughter Kayleigh to record the whole event. “After talking about marriage Allyssa had a few requests for the proposal,” Kevin said. “She only wanted the two of us and the kids, it had to be recorded, and not done somewhere on holiday. I chose the fountain because I needed someplace random that wouldn’t give it away,” Kevin told Bored Panda.

Not only that, but Alyssa’s 3-year old son Owen was also there along with everybody else. And surprisingly enough the whole story revolves around him. So lets fast forward a bit. Kevin is down on one knee, and he’s busy proposing the love of his life as Kayleigh continues to film the precious moment. Meanwhile, somewhere at the back near the fountain, Owen is busy in a world of his own. However, the entire focus of the evening shifts to Owen as he begins to pull down his pants and decides to start a little fountain of his own. YES, you read that correctly: he starts peeing in the background. “I’m gonna pee outside.” You can hear him say that in the video.

And funnily enough, the two lovebirds don’t notice him at first as they continue to express their feelings for each other. Kayleigh, however, starts to giggle while filming this incredible scene and this draws everybody’s attention to Owen. “Oh my god he’s peeing! Are you serious?” Kevin says. Later, it was revealed that Owen did the same thing just a couple of days before all this outside an ice-cream parlor. But, Kevin and the family find this entire thing just as funny as we do. “He’s a 3-year-old potty training, and it confirmed the spontaneous things in life we can look forward to as a family,” he told Bored Panda.“During the moment of realizing, my only thought was to get this kids pants back up. I continue to laugh daily replaying the whole 40 seconds in my head.”

And that was that, so anyway, Kevin and Alyssa’s wedding is set to take place next summer and Kevin says “By then we will be through the potty training and hopefully he understands the time and place to take care of business.”

That’s pretty much the end of the story, but you still need to view the pictures and the cute and lovely video that spread like wildfire on the internet and went viral in moments. So scroll down and enjoy!

The “romantic” proposal.

The unexpected turn of events.

The mega showdown.

And at long last the actual realization.

Here is the video of the century!


And this is a smiling picture of the little angel.


And here are some of the best responses to the video!

It seems everyone is enjoying it.

These comments are hilarious!

Did you like what Owen did? Is this the best memorable proposal of the century or what? Comment below and let us know how you feel!

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