A Bowl Of Mutton Soup Helped Catch A Wife And Her Lover Who Allegedly Killed Her Husband

A killer was caught because of a bowl of soup.

Let’s start from the beginning. This story involves 27-year-old Swasti and her husband, Sudhakar Reddy. Swasti is a nurse at a private hospital in Nagarkurnool. Reddy and Swasti have been married for three years and have a little kid.

This is where the story starts to get interesting. You see, during one night, some attackers allegedly came and poured acid all over Redd’s face. Why? We don’t know, but Swasti panicked and rushed her husband to the Hospital.

The doctors there told them that he would need plastic surgery, but he would be okay, which was a big relief to everyone. However, Reddy’s behavior had changed significantly since the attack and what was even strange is that he wouldn’t eat the Mutton soup that the staff brought him telling them that he was a vegetarian.

You see, Reddy wasn’t a vegetarian before the attack. So could an acid attack really change a person? Well, it turns out it couldn’t. The police brought in Swasti, and she confessed that the man in the hospital was not her Husband but her lover, Rajesh.

So they both devised a plan to kill Reddy. They gave him anesthesia and bashed his head in, resulting in his death. Then they burned his corpse to get rid of the evidence. Then Swasti threw a little bit of acid on Rajesh to disfigure his face, but one thing that they didn’t count on was Rajesh being a vegetarian.

Twitter was quite surprised by the bizarre story.

Seems like being a vegetarian cost him a lot.

Their plan was inspired by a movie.

Good advice.

Someone should totally make another movie.

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