Boss Gets An 8 Hour Notice To Fire All His Staff, So He Buys Pizza And Writes Recommendations For Everyone

Being fired from a job can be quite hard.

After all, finding new jobs in this day and age is not as easy as it looks. So being fired from a job which you thought was stable enough can be quite taxing on anyone. And we are all aware that Government jobs are like this, You may never know when you’re being laid off.

So that is probably why this manager didn’t want his employess to go through this alone. You see, he got an 8-hour notice from upper management that him and his entire staff was being fired. Rather than just telling them and going home, he did something quite nice for them.

Scroll on below and take a look at what he did.

I had to lay off my entire staff (and myself) with 8 hours notice.

I was the contract project manager on a government project (office type work). At our periodic review on a Thursday, the government announced they would not be renewing our contract and our last day was Friday (the next day).

I brought everyone into the conference room first thing the next day, let everyone know that we were all out of a job and that today was everyone’s last day.

I had everyone email me their resumes, and we went over everyone’s on the conference room projector and updated them over the course of the day. I then printed out “reference” sheets for everyone, and we all spent the remainder of the day writing letters of recommendation for each other.

I ordered everyone pizza, and bought everyone a round of drinks at the bar next door. Most folks had jobs by the end of the next week.

Most people would have just wallowed but this man actually helped others.

(Not The Actual Photo) Via OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

As you can imagine, people were quite happy to hear this.


And some even shared their own stories.

I’m guessing it is quite common.

Losing a job can be quite hard to adjust to.

I only hope that everyone gets to have a boss like this.

That is actually a very nice idea, I might try that in the future.

Why? Pizza makes everything better!

What would you have done in this situation? Comment down below and let us know.

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