A Hotel Guest Started a VERY Creative Competition With the Housekeepers, and the Results Are Amazing

Traveling is a great experience and it takes you to the most amazing adventures of your life.

While many of us might enjoy exploring the world as a hobby, those who travel for business don’t have the same experience. They can get hectic and increasingly boring. With lots of work pressure, the travel loses its charm and it’s more like eat, sleep and live alone routine rather than witnessing the beauty of the world.

However, one traveler recently spiced up his business travel with his creativity to lift the humongous business travel boredom. While staying in a hotel in Azerbaijan our business traveler came up with his idea of using pillows and sheets to make all sorts of weird yet wonderful creations in his room. Not only it lifted his boredom but also made the housekeepers smile. The housekeeper appreciated our traveler’s efforts by leaving him a friendly note on every wonderful creation. This kept going on until…

Well, find out for yourself.

I’m not going to give away the secret surprise our nameless traveler got. That’d be unfair.

Day 1) of our bored traveler’s creative game..

And he made the housekeeper smile 🙂

Day 2) The traveler decided to widen that smile..

And the housekeeper appreciated the creativity in her note

Day 3) And the next day a weird monster was waiting for her…

Day 4) Followed by that Monster’s Cousin..

Day 5) And even a weirder Monster Sibling….

The housekeeper recorded her due response by leaving this card.

Day 8) Now the traveler decided to cheer things up with a happy family joyride.

And it certainly did cheer her up!

Day 9) The next day was weird again!

Day 10) Meet the headless guest!

The lone traveler have certainly made her day with his creative imagination.

Final Day) And one last day he completely overwhelmed the housekeeper with joy by this wonderful surprise!

(Source is 22words)


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