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Women On Twitter Destroyed Body Builder With A Ridiculously Absurd Tinder Bio

Women On Twitter Destroyed Body Builder With A Ridiculously Absurd Tinder Bio

When will the misogyny and racism stop?

Come on guys; I think we have evolved enough. Even with all the progress that the world is making, some men’s minds are still stuck in the stone ages.

It’s 2019. Misogyny and racism are not acceptable anymore. If you make any such comments, the world is most likely going to call you out. Just like this guy on Tinder, who thought it was cool to write a racist and misogynistic bio. However, women on Twitter didn’t let that go and roasted the hell out of him for it.

Scroll down below to see his well-deserved destruction:

Credit: Twitter

This is what the 27-year-old looks like.

His bio stated:

“I have 3 rules.. Rule 1, I don’t want to be step dad so no kids unless u have just one, I want my OWN thanks.

“Rules 2, if you date black boys or think about it don’t even text me.

“Rule 3, I don’t want a time waster or someone who is a bum .. go make your own money u lazy f***s [sic].”

Then, he added:

“I have my own 2 bed flat I bought.

“I body build.

“I have a German Shepherd.

“I eat a lot.

“I don’t take s**t.”

Good luck, girls.

Understandably, Kirk got roasted to a crisp after that.

There were comments about his appearance.

And his incredible wit.

Too bad that body is going to waste with that personality.

Pull your pants up, for heaven’s sake!

What do you think? Did he deserve these roasts? Let us know in the comments below.


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