Bob’s Burgers Is Making History By Making A Fan-Animated Episode & We Are Here For It

Yes, There Is A Fan-Animated Episode Of Bob’s Burgers Coming This Sunday!

No, I am not kidding at all. And yes I was just as surprised as you are when they released the trailer. The show is going to be premiering their Season 8 with a Fan-Animated episode. Now that is making history.

This episode will feature work from 62 fans! Every animation is drawn in a different style and color scheme, and it is pretty epic. The producers asked die-hard fans of the show to submit their artwork.

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Every Style Is Amazing And Unique In Its Own Way.

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The Producers Asked Fans Of The Show With Experience In Animation To Submit Their Design.

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Creator Loren Bouchard Loves Watching The Episode And Letting Each Style Take Over.

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We didn’t want it to be the “best drawings,” we didn’t want slick and professional results, here. As, We weren’t going for that.

We wanted it to feel like it feels when you’re online and you stumble across somebody’s fan art and maybe that fan is a kid However some of those drawings have more life and energy in them than what we could draw.

Following Is A Little Sneak Peak Into The Episode.

When Is Sunday Going To Come?

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