Someone Made A Bob’s Burgers/Archer Cross-Over And It’s Way Too Awesome

You don’t find mashups like this every day.

Are you a fan of Bob’s Burgers and Archer? Have you watched every episode till now? Well, you’re in for quite an adventure. This guy created a mashup of both the shows and it’s totally worth it!

Take a look. Your mind is about to be blown!


The intro is just too cool tbh.


 Meet the master-mind behind this splendid idea, Simon Chong.

Twitter: @chongster62

Chong is a London-based art director. He had to re-structure everything from animations to dialogues. He re-did the backgrounds as well as re-animate the characters from both the shows. After much hard work, he was finally happy with what he produced.


According to Chong, the masterpiece took seven months to develop as he had to go through both the t.v. shows to look for appropriate dialogues to mix-up.

The hardest part was matching dialogue together and forming a story. Trawling through eight seasons of Archer and seven seasons of Bob’s Burgers for dialogue that lined up was tough!

-Simon Chong

The important thing is; all the hard work paid off! Thanks to the success of the video, Chong already has received a job offer.


He tells us more about the fame of the video.

The response has been amazing from both sides.

The executive producers on both shows have been in touch to say they loved it, as well as animators and art directors on the show. The cast of both have also been in touch to say they liked it.

He actually managed to pull it off. And that too, brilliantly!

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