‘The Blinking Guy’ From One Of Most Popular Meme Exists IRL And We Are Quite Surprised

Ever heard of the ‘blinking guy’?

No? Well, I am quite surprised since everyone who is anyone has been using his face for literally every meme on the planet. Okay, let me give you a hint. He is also known as the ‘generic white guy blinking.’

That ring any bells?


Well, you’ll soon know who he is because the world finally knows the real person behind this explosive meme. I mean, we all thought he must exist in real life, but it is still quite surprising to see him blinking while talking.

The guy behind this magnificent meme is Drew Scanlon, and he appeared on Good Morning America yesterday. He came off as quite the normal guy even though his meme has been viewed more than 226 million times.

Following is a small clip from the show.

Twitter is quite impressed with the guy.

I mean he has become kind of an Internet celebrity.

While some knew him before he was famous.

I mean, who wouldn’t want a job like that?

And then there were some extremely meta responses.

Drew himself has accepted his crown as the best ‘blinking white guy’.

This might be a start of something beautiful.

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