Black Woman Live Tweeted Racist Lady’s Meltdown During The Flight For The Most Ridiculous Reason Ever

American Airline is at it again.

I am sure you have heard so many stories about American Airline being racist. Well, I am here to tell you that most of those are quite true. However, I can see that the actual airline didn’t play a significant role in the following scenario.

They didn’t try anything to stop it from happening either and kind of fueled the fire. But as we all know, everyone has the Internet, and that means that most stories get immortalized forever on the Internet.

That is an excellent thing too since how else could we have known about the injustice this woman received just because of her skin color?

Source: Twitter

And so the thread about racism in a flight starts.

And this is the picture of the white woman who started it all.

Well, it is a good thing that you posted it.

Yes, that is exactly what you see.

Was she going to break out in acne because of the touching of their arms?

Wow, that is just taking racism to another level.

At least you tried to be sensible.

Does that really even make sense?

Where is the video then?

It was clear that she was doing it all to hurt you.

Was that going to make her look better in any way?

Amber is not making this up either, sadly enough.

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