Black People Asked Questions About White People In A Humorous Facebook Thread

Who would have thought that both black and white people could actually get along just fine?

I mean, whenever we see both blacks and whites together there’s always a chance someone might say something racist—generally resulting in fights. But, what we have to show you today is unlike any of that. Though it’s not every day we see people putting aside their racial differences (especially on social media) and engaging in friendly conversations, we’re glad it happened.

It all started when a Facebook post that read “Okay, black people…ask white people one question you always wanted to know” went viral and got the attention of a lot of people. It wasn’t long before the comment section flooded with hilarious questions and answers. So, without further delay, let’s what people had to say.

Via Joburger

Thanks to this beautiful post we got to see the good side of everyone.

That is actually a VERY good question. (no wonder it got 10k likes)

Oh my god…

“I’m proud of y’all today.”

Yes, seriously. Who was it?

I see what she did there.

Jones Key is asking the real question. (This should be interesting)

I second that. Washcloths should never be reused by other people.

This is precisely what I expected from white people.

In the end, love always wins.

Woah, I never thought of that.

Did you guys like it? Let’s continue the same Facebook thread below. Leave your questions and answers in the comments below and let’s all engage in a little friendly conversation!

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