10+ Hilarious AF Tweets About Black Friday That Are Way Too Relatable

Remember that scene from “Mean Girls” where Cady imagined the girls as wild animals? Its that time of the year again. It’s Black Friday again, and you are about to see similar wild animals but this time in our local malls. As prices go down with deals, the wish to grab every shiny and new thing increases. Even if we don’t need it, consumerists are crazy about it!

Before you hit the market, read how Twitter responded to this annual shopping frenzy below:

30. Well, you might be in there for some live action.


29. Some interests begin with a discount.


28. Poor black Friday employees.



27. Preparation game too strong.



26. Big wishes with a few dollars.


25. He fought like a warrior.



24. Eh? No deep words bro.


23. This dude just measured intelligence with shopping.



22. Choices are a tough thing.



21. When self-control suddenly becomes out of control.


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