Blac Chyna’s Terrible Tattoo Cover-up Is Another Reminder Of Why You Should Not Tattoo Your Ex’s Name

If you’re still thinking about having your ex’s name as a tattoo on your body even if you’re still in love, have a look at Blac Chayna’s photograph below and decide again.

#BlacChyna shows off her new tattoos of her kids names

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Chyna shared her latest tattoo on Snapchat, which were just the simple scripts of the spellings of her children, Dream and King. Somebody captured it and posted it on Instagram.

If you look closely, you will notice that something was removed before writing Dream’s name. Certainly, he wasn’t the first person to get that space.

People revealed on further observation that the half faded ink was used to spell out “Future.”

Now, Future is Chyna’s ex, and they both had a strong bond which resulted in the permanent tattoo. But Future later moved on to Kardashian.

“Love the idea! But bad job,” one fan commented.

“The Dream is smaller than King, (and) you can still see Future’s name,” wrote another.

Even if it is a faded background or whatever, one thing we are glad to see is that Chyna has moved on as well and this was a little proof of it may be.

So to all those lovers out there, think wisely before you make such moves!

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