15+ Most Bizarre Things People Ever Saw On The Subway That Made The Ride Uncomfortably Funny

Ever saw something bizarre on the subway?

I am guessing your answer to that is yes. Because let’s face it, you can see some weird shit on the subway and that is pretty normal. Today, however, we have compiled a list of the most bizarre things people have seen on the subway.

You might not believe that some of these really happened but they did and we are sad that we weren’t there and you will be too. So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Going to a catwalk maybe?

#2 Do you see the angel too?

#3 Just a normal day.

#4 I guess she doesn’t want to share.

#5 What? I mean, what!?

#6 Sure, why not?

#7 He is pretty casual about it.

#8 I see you made a new friend.

#9 The poor unfortunate soul.

#10 Anything can be worn as a hat.

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