10+ Women Reveal The Most Bizarre And Ridiculous Things Men Have Asked Them To Do

When you think about it, there are so many kinds of kinks out there.

Some of them which we might be familiar with, and some which we might not even know exist. Having a specific kink is very normal. Everyone has kinks. It can range from being into BDSM or maybe getting a handjob during a lecture. The point is, it can be anything!

However, ladies, have you ever been asked by a guy to use his mouth as your personal toilet? Or have you ever been asked by a guy to TWIST his nipples, and bite his neck as he masturbates and calls you ‘mommy’? If no, then you probably want to read these hilarious confessions made by women, of guys and their bizarre requests to them.

And funny enough all these requests were straight up rejected with a big ‘NO,’ as you can probably see why. Scroll down!

 #1 He…WHAT?

#2 Like they say, “The more, the better!”

#3 Wouldn’t be surprising if he started giving out free Rim-jobs. YUKH!

#4 Well, you don’t get to see this every day.

#5 This is actually VERY very weird.

#6 Broken legs or scrambled eggs? Scrambled eggs, please.

#7 No doubt there are hundreds of ways of getting off. But what even is this?

#8 Maybe the dude was trying to recreate the whole “coming in the mouth” thing by trying to be a bit more creative?

#9 Do you want to play a game? -SAW

#10 Um, no thanks?

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