We Tell You What Does Your Birth Order Among Your Siblings Tells About Your Personility

Everyone is well-aware of the perception of an only child, the youngest child, the oldest child.

And of course, the neglected middle child. But how much of that is actually true?

It’s true that the order in which children are born can have an effect on their personality. But it’s unclear whether it’s nurture or nature dictates it. Which description fits you the best?

Perceptions aren’t carved into stone.

If they were, then ever other older sibling would be bossy to some extent. That’s not always the case.

For decades people have tried to determine how birth order really affects our personalities and mindsets.

Though mostly disregarded, several ideas have been accepted by experts.

Researchers still can’t agree on whether it’s the birth order that innately affects the child’s personality.

Or if it’s the family structure that shapes the personalities of children. There are several traits that are clearly correlated to which birth order you lie in among your siblings.

Experts claim that an “Only Child” is more mature.

This makes sense. The Only Child spends time with adults (their parents), far more than a child with siblings would. Moreover, an only child tends to be much more independent than those with siblings. They don’t have many opportunities to play with others; they are left to develop themselves.

However, that independence may come at a cost.

Research shows that being an only child can cause problems when it comes to cooperating and compromising in a social setting.

Firstborns are more ambitious and driven than those born later in the order.

The reason behind this probably is that parents spend more one-on-one time with their first child. This can be good but it can also lead to the child becoming over-responsible.

Firstborns can be bossy.

The firstborns get more attention and might fight to keep it when a younger one is welcomed into the family.

The second born children are usually more accommodating and compromising.

It is probably because the firstborns are bossier which definitely has a strong correlation.

Second born and middle children tend to be more attentive to rules.

And young ones tend to be the craziest and rambunctious ones.

There’s no consensus as to why. Some think that parents become lenient when they have more children. Other think that with so many children around, it’s their way of being the center of attention.

It’s been proven that parents ease up on rules for the younger ones. 

With time, they learn that their children really aren’t in onstant danger. It’s either that or they are just tired of enforcing rules.

But compared to their older siblings, younger children are more free-spirited.

They’re also more fun than their older siblings. And together, they all form a crazy yet wonderful family.

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