Bill O’Reilly Dragged His Corgi Into The NFL Kneeling Debate But Then Twitter Brutally Dragged Him To His Place

  • By Asad Tipu
  • October 17, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

Things have been pretty quiet on the Bill O’Reilly front ever since he was fired from Fox.

It happened around the time there were sexual abuse allegations against him, including some that were settled. Mind you, settled doesn’t mean he was guilty, but a number of accusations against him were damning enough that Fox decided to step back.

On his Instagram, however, he shares pictures of Holly, his pet corgi.

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The good dog. Can't get enough of the ears!!!

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In fact, his instagram is filled with pictures of nothing but Holly!

She’s such a cute little pup.

On Monday, however, he decided to get political.

These days, there’s been a controversy around NFL players and their decision to kneel during the anthem. One side says that it’s disrespectful to the American flag, disrespectful to the country, and disrespectful to what it means to be American. The other side disagrees and says that the ability to disagree with the status-quo is the most American thing you can do.

Holly would never take a knee during the National Anthem even if she had knees.

So, obviously, the response was quick and brutal.

They weren’t happy with using Holly as a way to make a point.


Others didn’t understand why Holly would do anything. She’s a dog, and the problem is human.

There were quite a few comments that reeked of sass as well.


But mostly, people were concerned about O’Reilly thinking Corgis don’t have knees.


Because they do.

It’s not #FakeNews this time.

There were also a few weird responses.

But overall, we’re yelling at an ex-Fox News host for using his corgi to make political statements about the NFL. Welcome to 2017.


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