Woman Posts Bikini Pictures To Reveal The Truth About Her ‘Invisible’ Illness

Never judge a book by its cover.

And that definitely applies to this case. As you may know, many illnesses aren’t that apparent from a first glance and are ‘invisible’ sometimes. Today we are going to talk about one such disease.

Meet Bethany Purnell, a 20-year-old from Wales.

Via Instagram/bethanypurnell

She has been suffering from inflammatory bowel disease since she was only ten years old. Now that may not sound that bad, but it definitely is. It is quite rare and only occurs in one in 115,000 people in Britain.

It also does not have any known cause or even a cure. So a few days ago she wanted to post a picture shedding light on her disease. As you can see above, she looks like a happy and healthy 20-year-old.

However, she is not at all healthy.

Via Instagram/bethanypurnell

Following is what she had to say:

I just wanted to post a picture of me to show how invisible this illness is. You’d never ever be able to tell that I no longer can go to the bathroom the ‘normal’ way and I have to wear a bag on my belly.

As, You’d never be able to guess that I have been months without food and having to be fed by a feeding tube.

You’d never even insinuate that this young and healthy looking girl has spent countless of days away from home and in a hospital bed all scared and alone.

What you don’t know is that she is battling a very debilitating disease and that it will take her days to recover from a single trip out of the house.

She tries to be as happy as possible, she tries her damn best not to complain and to think positive.. Some days it’s very hard to see the light and she wants you to be understanding, caring and compassionate.

I’m genuinely proud of myself and my body for handling all that has been thrown at it. I’ve never hidden away, I’ve always worn what I wanted and I’ve always been proud.

I have always been open and honest about my bag and any questions are always welcome. Personally I’ve NEVER had a bad comment made about me/my bag.

She keeps on fighting.

Via Instagram/bethanypurnell

And she went on to say:

Please don’t tut at me for using a disabled toilet, my ileostomy bag just leaked and I need privacy and room to change it.

Don’t expect me to give up my seat on the train, I just had a very exhausting day out and although I look well, I am suffering majorly and need this time to rest.

Please be aware and always be kind to others around you. As they say, you have NO IDEA what that persons [sic] story is and what they are battling with.

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