People Share The Biggest Lies They Heard From Kids And We Are Totally Surprised

Liar liar, pants on fire.

There’s a reason we used to say this to each other back in junior school. I don’t know about myself, but I do know how much kids lie to each other. Not just that; they lie to their elders too! I’m pretty sure the parents aren’t as dumb as the kids to believe whatever they tell them but they do take their kids seriously a lot of times. Okay, maybe I’m being too modest. I must have lied too back when I was a kid, but these kids just hit the ball out of the park!

Upon asked, people flooded Twitter with the most mindblowing lies they’ve ever heard from children. Trust me, you’re going to need some popcorn for this!

Here goes nothing.

#1: Wow. His uncle must be a gazillionaire by now!

#2: A medal for making things up perhaps?

#3: Such kids are not meant to live on earth.

#4: Aah, the violent Terminator. I’d love to watch that sometime.

#5: What a win, indeed.

#6: What?!

#7: Pure science-FICTION!

#8: Well, good for the kid!

#9: Larry, the cable guy.

#10: Then why’d she keep them in the attic?

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