BF Draws His GF And Him In 10 Different Cartoon Styles And Totally Nailed It

Ready for a makeover?

When you think of the word ‘makeover,’ what comes to your mind? A haircut, new clothes, and surgery, right? Well, one guy thinks otherwise. You see, he likes to draw his girlfriend and himself in different cartoon styles.

Let me just say this; his illustrations are quite ‘transformative’. So scroll on below and take a look at his amazing work.

More info: Instagram | Kellssketchess

Following is the couple.

And the different ten re-imaginations.

#1 Dragonball Z.

Especially love the beard and hair.

#2 Simpson’s.

That is quite spot on.

#3 Family Guy.

Not a hair out of place.

#4 Modern Disney Style.

She truly does look like a Disney Princess.

#5 Adventure Time.

The curvy angles are quite uncanny.

#6 Rick & Morty.

The big eyes are must have for Rick and Morty.

#7 Rubberband /Cuphead/ Old Disney Style.

Are those shorts?

#8 Southpark.

The iconic paper style.

#9 Bob’s Burgers.

He nailed it!

#10 Steven Universe.

Why is her arm a different color though?

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