People On Twitter Are Sharing Their Best Work Clap Backs And They’re Low-Key Savage

Work Can Cause A Lot Of Stress.

In any other situation, you can deal with this quickly. However, at work, it’s not professional to externalise your rage. So we can’t just smash our computer or complain to our boss whenever we are frustrated.

What we can do, however, is deal with our frustrations in other sassy ways. For example using “per my last email” or “for future reference”. It might not sound snarky, but these little words are pretty subtle in-your-face hits.

One Twitter user asked about people’s favourite professional clap backs.



Not Surprisingly, People Responded With Their Own Witty Comebacks.

Yup, That Will Show Them.

Okay, Even I Use This.

I Can Just See The Effort Your Putting.


That Is The Sassiest Thing Iv’e Ever Heard.

Best Use Of The Meme Ever.

Um, That Is Supposed To be Snarky?

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