20+ Best Tweets About Recent Game Of Thrones Episode That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

The Recent Episode Of Game Of Thrones Left Us All In A Shock.

Spoiler Alert: This Article does involve many spoilers of season 7 episode 4.

Whenever something interesting happens, we live in a time where we can easily share it with other people. Through Twitter, usually. And after that last leaked episode of Game of Thrones, that’s exactly what’s happening now. People have summarized the whole episode to a few memes and jokes.

We at Rearfront decided to compile the best tweets about the recent episode for your enjoyment.

#1 Well, What Can I Do? Run?

#2 You Get Used To It. Well, Not Really.

#3 We Can All Relate To You On That.

#4 Maybe All The Ashes Of The Burned Soldiers Got In His Eyes?

#5 Yes, Apparently He Thought He Could.

#6 He Must Have Had A Good Plan, Right?

#7 I Don’t Think They Will Have Any Castle Left After Daenerys Is Done With Them.

#8 Yup, That About Sums Up All The Episode.

#9 Well, It Wouldn’t Hurt To Be A Bit Nicer.


#10 Well….. I Guess So.


#11 Are You Done Trying To Make Me Feel Guilty? Because It Is Not Going To Work.

#12 Yes I Think I Heard Something Break.

#13 That Is Kind Of Bran’s Deal Right Now.

#14 Nobody Can.

#15 Don’t Worry. We Are All Freaking Out.

#16 Somebody Call An Ambulance.


#17 Some People Just Want To See The World Burn.

#18 Everyone Would Bend The Knee After This.

#19 Yup, They Are Practically The Same Person.


#20 Well, Guess That Makes Jaime A Fool. Is Anyone Really Surprised?

#21 What Is Up With Her?

#22 I Can Safely Say This Scene Had Us All Grinning.


#23 Don’t Know Whether To Feel Happy Or Guilty Because I Am Feeling Happy?

#24 Nobody Could Have Been Prepared For This.

#25 There Is A Simple Solution To That. Watch It Again.

What did you think of the latest episode? Were you as shocked as the rest of the Twitter or had you already watched the leak? Let us know as we would love to hear from you.


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